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Patch Notes: V1

PREMIUM STARTER PACK BASE STATS BOOST level Boost: 1 ⇒ 105 Reputation: 300,000 Cultivation : Celestial⇒Sage or Demon Autolearn Skills: Up to Sage or Demon Cultivation : Celestial⇒Sage or Demon Reawakening : Stage 2 Maps: All unlocked. Gold Coins: 10,000,000 EQUIPMENT G17 R4 Weapon: +12 & Sharded R9 Armor: +12 R9 Rings : Crown of Madness: +12 & Sharded Wings of Ascension: +12 & Sharded Badge of the Cube : +12 Pan Gu's Creator: HP/MP 12m Charms: INVENTORY ITEMS Teleacoustic: 100 Geographic Map: 1 Stone of Love : Recreation Supreme Celestial Schism: 1 Teleport Stone: 100 Copper Paperweight : 50…

by orizon
April 26, 2023

Orizon PWI Wiki

Orizon PWI Forum Announcements Get a headstart with our one click install demo importer. Patch Notes Easily create amazing pages with Elementor, the best Page Builder for Wordpress. Support Promote and showcase what's going on in your team in their beautifully designed profile! Suggestions Better looking than ever, users have custom designed pages, no more WordPress default! Customizations From fonts to background images, Arcane gives you the power to create a completely unique looking website. Events & Tournaments With more than 4 tournaments types to choose from, Arcane gives you and your users the ability to create tournaments and get…

by orizon
February 10, 2023

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